In today’s job market, it seems to be increasingly difficult to find work. For a person in recovery, their challenge may be doubled. In addition to struggling with their addiction on a daily basis, they may also have an obligation to provide not only for themselves but for a family. It may be helpful for them to familiarize themselves with possible career options before they embark on their job search.

What may lead to a change in career for a recovering addict? Perhaps they found that their previous job allowed too much access to their addiction, whether it be alcohol or drugs. For example, a bartender or perhaps a career with a close-knit community of those who also partake in drugs or alcohol.

Another reason for a career change may be that the addict had to check into rehab. This may have led to a loss in their employment. Whatever the reason may be, many addicts may find it necessary to search for a new career path even if it means distancing themselves from their previous career choices.

If they’re recovering addict feels secure in their current journey they may consider finding a job in the addiction recovery field, perhaps as an addiction counselor. Keep in mind that many jobs in the addiction recovery field may require training, perhaps even extensive education. If you are not able to go back to school or receive additional training, you may be interested in becoming a coach or a mentor.

One field that proves to be appealing to recovering addicts may be that of the health field. Recovering addicts may find that improving their healthy lifestyle has helped them in their recovering journey. Because of this monumental lifestyle change, they may be interested in getting into certain career paths that help others to improve their health as well. This may include a nutritional coach, or even becoming a personal trainer.

These are just a few career choices for those looking for a change. Addicts in recovery should consider checking out the organization America in Recovery. The goal of this organization is to assist those who may have a hard time finding work due to their past faults. They partner with companies that are willing to hire addicts in recovery, among others.

Those who are either leaving rehab or completing a program should remember that just because they suffered from addiction in the past, their future it’s still very open and bright. They may feel their limitations have increased. They still possess many of the professional skills they had even before they struggled with addiction, and all of those skills can be put to use in a new career.